After taking a little over a year off, I have decided to come back to Ribbon and Rust and work on my virtual design career.
Please stay tuned as we revamp my site and our offerings here at
Also, I have started posting again on Facebook, feel free to come and visit us there.

Soon we will have tutorials, product offerings, design boards, color swatches, interior home, party & wedding designs and more. Plus, a little bit about my family and me.

? Tara

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8/26/2014 – I love art! It seriously soothes my soul. Art can be one of those healing mediums and totally is for me. It grounds me, resets me, makes me happy and well me feel like me. I have been feeling off for about a week now. My hubby has been having some struggles with his bipolar disorder and as an intuitive empath, it is hard for me to not feel a little of what he is feel. As well as the feelings of a normal wife worried about he love. I have wanted to create all week, but have had a creative block like none other. Today I decided to do some watercolor ink work. Nothing major, but enough to boost my spirits.
Moral of the story? Do what makes you happy when you are down…even if you think you are stuck. Persevere!

Tara Beth


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8/11/2014 – Wow, what a fun weekend! On Friday, I had the opportunity to take Reiki I and Reiki II. It was uber intense, but SOOOOOOO worth it! I “learned” so much information about myself and what I am guided to be doing during this earthly life that I am living. Why did I put learned in parentheses? Because Reiki isn’t something to read about, or learn in a practical sense. Reiki is an awakening in ones soul provided by a Reiki master, from there, you use your intuition and the ancient energy that has been awakened inside you for healing. It is an amazing energy that I can’t wait to be using on everyone I know and then some. I was so fortunate to have the class mates that I did and my teacher is amazing. It is amazing how connected 7 people can get in a 6 hour period.

In time I plan to be a practioner, but for now, I am on a probation period while I continue to “learn” my technique. I am hoping to acquire my certification before the end of 2014!

Just so excited!!

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8/4/2014 – Today I did some late afternoon tub relaxing. When I was through, I came out to the living room to find my husband napping after a long day of work. I decided to sit and relax too. Dan had HBO on, he was watching the Hobbit, but it was almost over by the time I got out of the tub. He had the tv and cable remotes nestled tightly between him and the chair, so there really wasn’t any changing the channel. Soon a new movie had started, and I really wasn’t paying much attention to what it was. Then I saw Clint Eastwood. Yes, I have a slight crush on Eastwood. Yes, he is old and I am young, but his work is awesome. So I started to pay a bit more attention to the movie. I then realized it was about baseball. I love baseball, but it wasn’t always that way.
Baseball… growing up I was never really a fan. I would play in gym class, and catch a local single a minor league game or two (not that I knew that is what it was then…hehee). When it came to the different major league teams and leagues I was clueless. Then I met Dan. He is baseball obsessed. I quickly learned the ins and outs of the game, and slowly grew a love of baseball.
So the movie had peaked my interest a bit more then entered Amy Adams. Love her! Great actress. That drew me in a bit more, then entered teen crush JT!
JT and baseball…hot!! Oh sorry not a teen anymore…lol. So Justin Timberlake was now on my screen. My laptop and phone were put away at that point. The movie actually had a very interesting story line going on as well. I remember advertisements for it a year or so ago, but didn’t think I would want to watch, but I was pleasantly surprised, and apparently I surprised my hubs too.
Dan woke up from his nap and in normal fashion he grabs the remote and pulls up the guide. I am like, “hello, I was watching that”, but he didn’t hear me. So he flips it over. I say again, “hey, I was watching that, can we turn it back?” That is when he inquisitively states, “what do you mean you were watching that? You were watching Trouble With The Curve, a baseball movie?”
Heck yeah I was watching a baseball movie, I am surprised he would even question me about that. Plus, the story line is a bit deeper than just a baseball game or two.
I politely responded that, “yes, I actually do like baseball and it, so far, had been a very good movie.” So, I was nice and asked if he wanted to start it from the beginning he said, “no”, and we continued to watch.

I have to say it was a really cute movie. It had some grit, humor, emotion, and sass. Oh and did I mention baseball?? It had guy elements and chic flick mixed in. The perfect date night movie if you and your other are into baseball.

Until next time…
Tara Beth

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